Journeying in Comfort SINCE 1981
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Our Story

 Old Friend® Footwear

- Journey in Comfort


Manufacturer and distributor of 100% Genuine Sheepskin slippers.


Old Friend® Footwear was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1981.  Like their name, our slippers are Old Friends.  The prevelent logo of a dog holding up it's masters slippers is everywhere at Old Friend Footwear.  The dog pictured, a golden retiever named Bo, faith-fully accompanied the founder to work every day where she curled up on - what else - her sheepskin rug nestled at his feet.  Bo is now departed, but the friendship people have with their pets is not unlike the kinship they share with their slippers.  In this spirit, the founder named the company "Old Friend" and made Bo the icon of the brand.

In 2011, the company was centrally relocated to Chanhassen, Minnesota under new ownership.  We've carried on the tradition of making quality and workmanship our number one priority.

Our 100% sheepskin products are made from choice hides sourced from Mongolia to Australia.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our raw materials and components as well as our craftsmanship.  We build every pair for comfort and function.

We strive to maintain our goal of providing our consumers with high quality, functional slippers that represent our namesake and are truly a delight to wear!